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Tired of sunburn? Spent your holiday bonus on sunscreen? This year, you do what it takes to have more shade on your terrace!

Now that your decision is made, which shading solution to choose? Parasol, arbour, pergola… there are so many! You, all you want is an effective solution, which protects well from the sun. And if possible, pleasing to the eye.

There is a good chance that you will stick around two solutions: shade sail and awnings Sydney. Which of these two options to choose?

Criterion number one: the aesthetic aspect

Do not underestimate the design factor! Think about the time you will spend on your patio. In your garden with the family and with friends. All this time, you want to spend it in a pleasant environment, and that’s normal.

Elegance issue, no doubts possible: the shade sail is the best.

Certainly, there are modern, contemporary awnings equipped with advanced technology. But the shade cloth has this small "profiled" side which gives it elegance.

In addition, the shade cloths allow all the crazy colour options. The shade sails are available in 3 shapes and six colours, from the soberest to the most colourful. The little extra: combine several sails for a unique look!

In short, between the awning and the shade sail, the latter is undoubtedly the solution allowing to obtain the most surprising and singular visual result!

Next comes the flexibility of use

Once installed, an awning will not move. And by definition, it will be used on your terrace, securely attached to your facade.

Conversely, with a shade cloth, you will certainly be able to protect your terrace but also your swimming pool, your balcony, your garden, and your field - the possibilities are endless!

With the shade sail, nothing prevents you from giving free rein to your desires and your ideas. On the contrary: it was created to bring joy and colours everywhere at home!

Shade sail or awning: what about the simplicity of installation?

One of the main advantages of shade sails is their simplicity of installation. The installation of the shade sail takes only a few minutes.

This can be done quietly with a friend, or even alone for the more DIY enthusiasts among you — no need to plan major work or involve a pro.

Last but not least: the price

Of course, the price is going to be a determining factor in your decision if you hesitate between shade sail or awning. Besides, you probably already have a little budget idea, right?

Overall, you have to plan around a hundred dollars for a shade sail. For example, the largest of shade sails (4 x 4 meters) is sold for 400 dollars on online stores. Moreover, we are talking about a quality shade sail, with perfect tension, designed to last a long time.

What equipment do I need to install my shade sail?

Mount a shade sail without specific tools

Few tools are required for mounting the sail. Engineers have worked to design a unique shade sail, easy and quick to install, use and dismantle. Some shade sails do not require any tools for its installation. No need to take your toolbox out of the garage or run to the store during the installation process to buy additional accessories.

How is it possible? Because of the installation of some sails is easy. First step: you determine the appropriate location. Second step: you choose the fixing points (the facade of your house, a beam of your roof, a tree, a mast for shade sail). Finally comes the power upstage. No specific technical skills. So no special tools. Of course, if you install your sail against a wall, you will necessarily need a piton ring or a dowel to fix it. And possibly a ladder, depending on the height of the fixing point.

A complete and ingenious kit!

Goodbye hammer, screwdriver and other adjustable wrenches! Some shade sails are delivered with a complete kit allowing to fix and tension the canvas. What does it contain? Ropes (one for each point of the sail), self-locking pliers already attached to the canvas, and tensioning clams.

To install the shade sail, there is nothing simpler. Just slide the rope into the clip and then attach it to the mounting bracket. Repeat for each tip. Then, to energize the sail, just use the clams provided in our mounting kit. Yes, it’s already over! We told you we did everything to make your life easier.

The ideal solution for all types of projects

The masts for shade sail have been designed for areas without any fixing point. But they will also be suitable for all those who do not wish to hang their shading solution on the wall of their house, and who wish to take advantage of a quality, flexible and design solution to stretch their veil.

By opting for this type of fixing, you, therefore, have the guarantee of a solid installation. In addition, their ultra-easy installation will delight the less DIY enthusiasts among you. It is sufficient first to screw ground anchor into the ground, then insert the mast, respecting an inclination of 10 ° to 15 ° outwards. Once installed, the mast can be adjusted in height by means of the sail traction ring, mounted by pressure.

High-quality shade sail masts

Elegance and refinement, this is what distinguishes the products some companies make. Like the shade sails, the masts will allow you to display a neat and chic decoration in your garden, on the terrace of your restaurant or your balcony. They go perfectly with all the types of sails that companies offer, whatever their shapes and colours. In addition, the finesse and the matte finish of masts for shade sail make them decorative elements in their own right, which will blend into the landscape discreetly.

Shade sail installation: the importance of choosing well

For a simple installation, it is essential to choose your sail carefully. So, for a small space, you will choose a rectangular canvas of 3 × 2 meters or triangular of 3x3x3 meters. For larger areas, opt for a square sail of 4 × 4 meters or triangular of 5x5x5 meters. And, for XXL zones, combine fabrics of different shapes and sizes with each other.

Choose the shape of the sail according to the expected effect. To cover only part of your terrace, triangular fabrics are ideal. Square or rectangular sails, on the other hand, will offer you a larger shade surface.

You will usually find three different shade sail shapes (triangle, rectangle and square) as well as seven sizes (from 3 to 5 meters). To calculate the surface to cover and choose the right size, remember that the canvas must be stretched to its maximum. Some sails are equipped with a fabric of incomparable elasticity, allowing you to gain up to 20% of the surface. It is better to favour a surface area of the sail that is slightly too small than too large


First of all, take the time to think carefully about your project and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of all the solutions available to you, not just the shade sails and the blinds.

If in the end, the shade sail is the solution that seems the best to you, one thing is certain: you will not regret it!

In reality, your choice will depend on all these factors but also on your tastes, your personality, and the style of your house. Moreover, it also depends on your expectations in terms of finish, technology, and materials.

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