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What Are the Top Three Land-Based Casinos Thriving in New Zealand During the Pandemic?

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New Zealand is a spectacular country. There is a lot to enjoy about this majestic land, as it has fantastic beaches, an incredible culture, and beautiful natural wonders that are truly one-of-a-kind. Add to it incredible museums, great theater and clubs, and beautiful temperatures year-round and it is easy to see why millions of people flock to the country to visit every year.

For adults, New Zealand has a lot to offer. This is an incredibly romantic land, where you can meet the woman of your dreams or bring that special someone with you so you can enjoy amazing cuisine, incredible walks on the beach, and a thriving nightlife. It is a spectacular country where just about any pleasure you may have can be fulfilled.

Online Casinos to Make Your Stay Fun!

For adults, one of the most pleasurable activities is to gamble at a casino. New Zealand has great options. These websites make it so that you can spend your time back in your hotel room or sitting out on the beach playing online.

It is understandable that people would make a choice like this. After all, if you are visiting New Zealand you probably do not want to spend your time sitting inside a smoke-filled room when you can be out enjoying the natural beauty the country has to offer. For those who prefer to play on one of the top online casinos New Zealand has to offer, on platforms like this one they can find most trusted casino sites listed .

This site provides a comprehensive list of the top online casino sites available to people in New Zealand. You can learn about trusted sites and what they offer to new players. It is a great way to pass the time if you are looking for something fun to do while laying out on the beach or sitting in bed planning the next day’s events.

Great Land-Based Casinos

Some people get that visiting a casino is actually quite an experience. Places like Las Vegas, Macau, and Malta provide exceptional land-based casinos that provide a unique gaming experience as well as shops, restaurants, and other accommodations that make visiting one of these facilities a memory in and of itself.

Many of these casinos have giant theaters or event halls where live performances are provided throughout the year. Some of the best and most well-known artists on the planet come to these casinos to perform. Coupled with the exceptional chefs, first-class hotel accommodations, and thriving nightlife, it is easy to see why so many would opt to visit one of these casinos.

New Zealand is no different. There are spectacular casinos that distinguish themselves because of their location and accommodations. They can rival the best land-based facilities you will find, no matter where you go. It is why this industry has done so well in New Zealand, because the entire experience of New Zealand combined with these casinos make it memorable.

Even during the pandemic, these casinos have managed to survive. Some have even thrived once restrictions were removed, and they were given permission to allow customers to use the facilities again. Now, a group of casinos are making a major come back, looking for a banner year. Here are three that should thrive heading into 2021.

SkyCity Auckland

SkyCity Auckland became the first major land-based casino to reopen once restrictions were reduced. While a set of guidelines were put in place to protect patrons, staff, and the facility itself, SkyCity has found a way to navigate their way through the bureaucracy and still be able to provide a sensational gaming experience for visitors.

However, it is important to understand that this casino was still doing business even during the government-imposed closure. Premier Rewards members were allowed to use the facility under the Level 2 guidelines that were imposed during the summer. It was on October 8 that the general public was allowed to come to the casino for the first time.

SkyCity had been open until August 12 but then the government imposed a shutdown of the resort-casino. It reopened to the Premium Rewards members on August 31 as long as social distancing measures were taken. The opening to the general public also required social distancing guidelines but has opened the door for significant numbers to enjoy the casino complex

This allowed significant numbers of people to enter the facility, and they have found the experience to be as enjoyable as it had been prior to the pandemic outbreak. Now things are getting back to the state of normalcy as shops and restaurants are available for patrons.

The casino has been smart to impose a set of standards to help protect guests. This has included temperature checks randomly taken of guests as they enter the facility. High-touch areas are cleaned on a frequent basis.

New Zealand is still currently closed to foreigners but, once these restrictions are removed, it is expected that SkyCity will see an even greater increase in revenue.

SkyCity Hamilton

The first land-based casino to open was SkyCity Hamilton. However, this is a much smaller facility than the Auckland casino. This occurred on September 22. They were joined later that day by Queenstown, which also opened their facilities to the general public.

One of the major advantages that Hamilton has over the larger facilities is their size. Because they are a smaller sized land-based casino, there is only a limited number of patrons who could be allowed into the facility even prior to the pandemic. In addition, because they were the only facility that was open in the area and the very first to open in New Zealand, it drew a significant amount of publicity for the casino.

That has been great for business. They have been doing a thriving business since reopening near the end of September and they are expected to see a continual growth, especially as restrictions continue to be removed.

Minimal restrictions still apply at the Hamilton casino. This includes random temperature checks of guests to ensure that no one enters the facility who shows signs of illness. They are also frequently cleaning high-touch areas to prevent any potential risks at the facility. Guests seem to be satisfied with the measures taken.


Like SkyCity Hamilton, Queenstown has been doing extremely well since reopening on September 22. As one of the first facilities to open their doors to the general public, they were able to attract greater numbers of guests because they were the first to open. The large facility in Auckland was closed, so many flocked to Hamilton and Queenstown to gamble and play their favorite casino style games.

Both facilities have done well because of the removal of restrictions on stage events and other promotions at their facilities. Queenstown has already hosted a number of events that drew large crowds. The facility is taking proper measures to protect guests, including temperature checks and increased cleaning, but they have conducted business much as they had prior to the initial closing.

Guests are gaining greater confidence in the safety of the facilities and this is helping to give Queenstown great projections for how well they should do heading into the coming year. Despite being closed for several months, they may actually have one of their better years.

A Great Year Ahead?

There is no doubt that the pandemic has had a negative impact on the casino industry in New Zealand. However, the removal of restrictions has these facilities expecting good things as the year 2021 approaches.

Now, if the government is able to lift travel restrictions soon, it may not be long before these facilities are packed with people from across the region. Barring a major reoccurrence of Covid-19, the year 2021 could be a banner year for these three casinos in New Zealand.

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