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Cruise Express adds Russia and Iceland to winter Northern Lights cruise tour of Norway

  • Written by Andrew Mevissen

Fares from five Australian cities

Interest amongst Australians to see the spectacular Northern Lights continues to shine brightly with Cruise Express releasing a second escorted winter cruise tour to Norway in March, 2020.  For the first time, an add-on journey to Russia before the Norway tour and an exploration of Iceland afterwards are additional options.

Cruise Express’ exclusive new ‘March to the Northern Lights’ tour features a Hurtigruten voyage along the rugged, fjord-studded Norwegian coast, billed as one of the world’s most beautiful sea journeys. The picturesque Flam Railway train ride is another highpoint while the itinerary’s shining light – literally – is the chance each night to witness Norway’s famous Northern Lights – the Aurora Borealis – which swirl across the skies.

Hosted by Cruise Express, the 15-night tour begins on March 8, 2020, with a flight from Australia to Norway’s capital, Oslo, for a two-night stay. This is followed by a ride on the famous Bergen and Flam Railways through a winter wonderland of snow-capped peaks, iced waterfalls, wild rivers and brooding pine forests. A half-day cruise through two spectacular fjords –Naeroyfjord and Aurlandsfjord – is also included.

Guests then board Hurtigruten’s coastal ship, ms Trollfjord, for a six-night voyage north from Bergen and across the Arctic Circle around North Cape to the remote town of Kirkenes near the Russian border. Here,  guests will stay in a hotel made of snow, see reindeer, join a husky sled ride and scour the heavens for the Northern Lights. The tour ends with flights back to Oslo and then Australia.

For the first time, Cruise Express is offering an add-on package to Russia before the Norway tour and also to Iceland afterwards. The three-night Russia tour focuses on St Petersburg, taking in the magnificent Winter Palace, which was the official residence of the Russian emperors from 1732 to 1917, and the grand Catherine Palace, a striking Rococo building that once served as the summer residence of the Russian tsars in the 18th century.

Meanwhile, after the Norway tour, guests can join an optional, eight-night extension to Iceland, with the itinerary taking guests on an overland tour across the country to see its famous geysers, glaciers, volcanoes, hot pools and waterfalls.

Including return flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, the 15-night escorted  ‘March to the Northern Lights’ package is available from $7990 per person, twin-share.

Including connecting flights, the three-night St Petersburg tour is available from an extra $1699 per person, twin-share, and the add-on, eight-night Iceland tour is available from an extra $3990 per person, twin-share.  Guests can also choose to do one or both add-on tours.

Call Cruise Express on 1300 766 537 or visit

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