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Things to Consider Before Decorating Your Home

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Home is where you spend most of your time and when you think of relaxing, a well-maintained home becomes a reflection of inhabitant's personality. People invest time, energy, and money in not only buying and constructing homes but also in decorating it according to their aesthetic sense and budget. The décor of a house also has its effects on the mood. It helps in getting rid of anxiety and relieving stress. Home decorations are one of those science and art terms simultaneously used that is about making your space not only attractive but also functional for residents. Decoration includes colour scheme, furniture, floor design, kitchen, and all other areas of a house.

Window panes, door styles, kitchen colour scheme, and even bathroom tiles all come under the umbrella of decorating a house. Blinds on window give a beautiful touch to the décor of a house and empire window furnishings vertical blinds have a wide range of variety to choose from. Apart from window blinds, there are several other things that a person should consider before decorating a house.

Colour Scheme

A house having a proper colour scheme, be it neutral or a mixture of different colours, looks phenomenal. Colours have this incredible characteristic that they not only affect peoples' mood but also sometimes give an aesthetic illusion. Light colours like off white, cream, or white have a tendency that it makes an area appear much more spacious than they are. On the other hand, dark colours are enhanced with a golden shade of lighting. Before you start with the decoration of the house, it is better to choose the colour of the walls, doors, and ceilings.


Wooden flooring, tile flooring, mosaic, and marble are some of the widely constructed floorings around the world. Every material has its own set of characteristics depending upon the weather and use. Flooring adds an extra oomph to the decoration of the house. A single home can also have multiple flooring options in different rooms or can have the same carpet throughout the house. It should be noted that not all kinds of decoration items can go with all types of flooring. At times the wrong combination of flooring and colour scheme may make your house look dim instead of lighting it up.


It seems like an insignificant and unimportant part, but the truth is measurements while setting up a house is essential. You might have visualized a specific painting on a particular wall, and once when it is there, it may look a little odd. Proper measurements help in mind mapping also. Some decorative items or furniture items may appeal to you, but because of their size may make maneuvering around the house difficult. As much as the decoration is an important aspect, living comfortably in that house is what you actually build a house for. Taking measurements before putting the paintings, frames, and other things up to help in decorating house aesthetically as per your desires.


The truth is, at times second-hand furniture items are a better choice than new ones. Choose furniture that adds up to your house and is according to your taste. Furniture should be according to the size of the room you want to put in. Huge wardrobes look appealing but if kept in compact rooms not only make movements in the room difficult but also make residents suffocated. Furniture should always be chosen according to the size of the space.


Mirrors in a house is a necessity, but they can also be used as decorative items. Mirrors are also used to give an illusion of space when the room in real is much smaller. They provide the visual of a double square in any place. Mirror paintings, calligraphy on mirrors and mirrors with wooden and other kinds of borders are also decorative items. Mirrors have the power of amplifying the lighting. Proper placement of a mirror not only serves the purpose but also gives the room a beautiful look.


Lightings largely depend on electricity, so while putting lights up, it is vital to see the placement of wires and how it is going to link with lights and lamps in different rooms. Lighting has the power of making a less decorative room appear beautiful and also can do the opposite. Even dim lighting has its own charm, and wooden furniture appears more pleasing in dim lights.

Lightings also set and affect the mood of people. Especially if the house does not have windows to let natural light in, it gives a melancholy feel to the whole house. This can be avoided by having bright lights. There are also plenty of decorative bulbs, lamps, tube lights, and energy savers available in markets. Getting the bulbs suiting your colour scheme and furniture adds to the beauty of the house.

Be Creative

If nobody has ever tried anything new, the world would not have any variety on any of the departments. Decorating a house does not come with a rule book, and there is no right or wrong in it. Sheets are now being hanged on windows as curtains, blinds have taken the place of window glasses, so it is only a matter of some courage. Play with colours, change the setting of furniture, try putting decoration pieces on a bookshelf or have indoor plants, whatever you deem right and suits your personal style and aesthetic sense.

Little Things

People think that small items do not come in the notice and can be placed anywhere. In reality, proper placement of these items may sparkle the décor of your space. As little as a key holder lying aimlessly on a table and a key holder fixed on a wall give two completely different impacts. Similarly, too many frames on a wall, cushions on chairs or books on a coffee table make the space appear cramped. Sometimes placing items in a haphazard manner look appealing.


Decoration of any space is a personal choice and is to each his own. It feels good to bring your own self in the image of your house. It can also become your style statement. An open home is like a blank canvas, and you can be the artist to paint on it. Take into consideration, that how many people are living in the house, how big the house is, and the location of a home, all of these things matter in decorating a home. A house should be inviting, and as soon as you enter it, you should feel relaxed. Decoration of a house plays a vital part in what the house looks like. Also decorating a home is a one-time job and maintaining is another. When decorating a house, it should be kept in consideration that you should be able to maintain it.

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Things to Consider Before Decorating Your Home

Home is where you spend most of your time and when you think of relaxing, a well-maintained home becomes a reflection of inhabitant's personality. P...

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