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Features of the ANZ Access Advantage card

  • Written by News Company

ANZ access advantage is designed for anyone who would like to make it easy for their daily expenses. The Australians can now find something to hold on because it has revolutionized their financial lives. The following are key features of the ANZ access advantage card information.


This card will save you from inconveniences because it operates all day all night. You can use it overseas or Visa debit cards online to gather for your expenses. ANZ internet banking has also made this more efficient. Therefore, you have peace of mind when having this card because you know you will not be found in a compromising situation because you left your card back at home since you can access it via their app. This app allows you to view your transactions, make payments, track your expenditures easily and securely.

It offers a variety of payment options

ANZ access advantage card doesn’t limit you to the number of payment options. Therefore depending on your preference you can choose a suitable payment option and proceed and make your transactions. Some of these options include:- Samsung pay, Google pay, ANZ mobile pay and Apple pay. There is also yet another option of making transactions through wearable devices such as Garmin pay and Fitbit.

It offers lower fees

The most interesting feature about the ANZ is that it offers extremely affordable fees. You can make free withdrawals from the ATM in Australia absolutely free if your deposit is below $2000. On the other hand, you will pay a monthly fee of $5 which is quite affordable right. For overseas transactions, you will be charged 3%of your transaction value. Additionally, it is also interesting that the fees can be waivered if you meet certain criteria. For instance, if you are below 25 years and above 60 years you are eligible to have your fee waivered.

It has enhanced security

Security is important in ensuring the transactions are made securely without ending up losing your confidential information to the fraudsters. Well, ANZ falcon is the leading in ensuring you make a secure transaction because they monitor every transaction you make irrespective of whether you are doing some shopping overseas or through the online stores. Any unusual activity will be scrutinized because of the automatic monitoring of transactions.

These are the core features that portray the reliability of the ANZ access card. This builds customer confidence because you will be entitled to a variety of services that are manageable based on friendly terms.


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