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Upgrade Your Gaming SetUp For Streaming On Twitch

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If you’re a hard-core gamer, why not use your skills to make money online? You’ve probably already joined Twitch and have become familiar with watching live streams from gamers all over the world, so here’s how you can join them. First off, you’ll obviously need a Twitch account. But before you go ahead and start streaming, you may want to consider upgrading your setup to optimize it for gaming and streaming. 

Why Twitch?

Although gaming live streams are prevalent on Facebook and YouTube as well, Twitch is the main hub for all things gaming. It’s also a better way to earn money as a gamer, and you can even buy Twitch views to help grow your channel and increase the size of your potential revenue stream. If you’re just game streaming for fun, that’s okay. But keep in mind that if you are serious about earning your income by streaming, you will have to treat it like a full-time job and manage your channel like a business. 

What Needs To Be Upgraded For Streaming?

Live streaming in itself increases the load on your computer, and most people would find that their normal gaming setup slows down with the added strain from streaming. No one wants to watch jittery gameplay, so it’s best to upgrade your setup if you want your viewers to keep watching. Like we said before, your channel should be managed like a business, so the money you will spend on your setup can be considered an investment, and you should expect a return on that investment. In any case, these are the upgrades we suggest for game streaming. 

The Fastest Internet Connect Your Can Manage

Streaming in high definition will likely put a load on your internet connection. Research the best options for fast internet in your area by going through the offers from different internet service providers. Choose the best option within your budget. 

Graphics Card(s) and Processor

Both your GPU and CPU (graphics card and processor) will be doing some heavy work to encode and broadcast while also powering the game. Before we get into the details of which is the best option, we want to advise you to stick to Nvidia’s GPUs. They are far superior to other options available, so why opt for sub-optimal graphics? Your GPU is more important for high resolution than your CPU, so you know how to prioritize and divide your budget. We recommend going all out and buying the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t opt for anything lower than the GeForce GTX 1660.

As for the processor, we suggest premium Intel options - nothing less than Core i7. Our favorite for game streaming is Intel’s Core i9 -10900. If you prefer AMD, opt for the Ryzen 9-3900X.

Mics And Cameras For Better Entertainment On Your Streams

Because live streaming involves a lot of showmanship and you will need to provide some entertainment value beyond the gameplay itself. For this reason, most game streamers choose to buy a dedicated microphone and camera. There are a lot of similarities between the choices here and those for podcasting or for vlogging, so this can be useful for those activities as well. 

Don’t depend on the built-in microphone in your PC because the quality is likely to be very low. Also, while headsets are convenient, the microphone could be better. Most podcasters use the Blue Yeti X mic, and we think that it is suitable for gamers as well. It’s not the cheapest (although there are far more expensive options), but we like the quality, versatility, and ease of use. 

As for the camera, we recommend shopping around for a good USB camera. Again, the built-in camera on your PC or laptop is likely to give you grainy results. We recommend Logitech HD C922x Pro Webcam. Keep in mind that your internet connection also plays a large role in the clarity of the camera’s stream.

Some gamers prefer not to use a camera at all, and that’s fine as well. However, keep in mind that it is harder to make a connection with your viewers without them seeing you, and awkward pauses during the game are more difficult to fill up when you’re not visible. 

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