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Ways to Tell Whether the Casino You’re Playing at Is Safe

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Are you new to online gambling or just looking for a new online casino site? Well, this post is created precisely for people like yourself. We all enjoy the convenience of online casino games and the fun they offer, but how can we know if the online casino sites we're playing those super fun games are safe for play.

In case you see some red flags related to the online casino site you're playing, the best advice we can give you is to stop playing there and start looking for a new online gambling spot.

All you have to do is follow these simple "rules", and you'll stay safe while playing your favourite slots and poker games.

Check for a Valid Licence

All online casino sites that are legal and genuine have to have a gambling licence issued by one of the following respected online gambling licence regulators.

  • UK Gambling Commission

  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

  • Gibraltar Gambling License

  • Curaçao e–Gaming Licensing Authority

  • Malta Gaming Authority


It's important to note that the only genuine casino licences are issued by these regulators, which you can see on the list above. Any other "licence provider" that isn't on the list is not a real law binding provider of gambling licences. The online casino site that apparently is licenced by that provider is potentially a scamming site and not safe for usage.

As soon as you find the text where the online casino claims that it's properly licenced, check for the licence number. In most cases, the information should be linked to the licence official provider's website.

However, suppose no such information is available. In that case, we're sorry to notify you that the online casino you're at is not completely genuine, and if you still decide to gamble there, you should know that no law protects you, and you're out there on your own responsibility.

Look Out for Some Online Reviews About the Casino

Online reviews often can open our eyes and make us see a truth that has been standing in front of our eyes all along, and we were in denial or just too stubborn to see it. Check the internet out for online casino reviews like this one - Mr Green Casino review.

Advanced Security Measures

Look out for SSL encryption, the standard padlock that can be found at the beginning of the URL. Also, the standard login requirements should be implemented, and nowadays, some would consider even the use of the Two-Factor Authentication a must. Furthermore, look for some safe banking options for both depositing and withdrawing funds.

Ensure the Games are Safe

The best way to ensure your online casino is safe is by checking whether or not safe game developers develop their casino games. No matter whether you like online slots or poker games, or roulette, the important thing is to check if the games come from a trusted software provider.

One of the signs that you are playing on a safe and reliable online casino is that the games on their site come from one of the most prominent game providers. Because which business would spend big bucks just to scam people out?


Let's check the list of the most prominent names in the iGaming industry that provide online gambling software.

  • Microgaming

  • Net Entertainment or NetEnt

  • Playtech

  • Real Time Gaming

  • Amaya Gaming

  • WMS or Williams Interactive

  • International Gaming Technology or IGT

  • BetSoft

Test Bonuses

Test if their much advertised welcome bonus is legit or just a clickbait. When you fulfil the necessary condition to get the bonus which usually is tied to a deposit, many fraudulent casinos do the following -a system error happens, and you never get the promised bonus.

However, cases are seen where the fraudulent casinos give out the promised bonuses, and the players have fulfilled the required wager conditions and then cannot withdraw their wins.

These types of fraudulent casinos will do their best to frustrate you and even reveal more conditions that you were supposed to fulfil in order to get your payout.

However, this process is very risky because you involve your own real money and the chances of you getting scammed are immensely big. In the best-case scenario, the online casino site legit and safe for play will make no problem giving you what's rightfully yours.

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