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Hallway Runners: How Can You Choose The Right Style And Size?

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What Are Hallway Runner Rugs?

If you're considering getting one for your hallway, you should know what they are. A hallway runner is the first line of defense against dirt and spills. They need to be cleaned every week, and they should complement the flooring and architecture of your home. Whether you want a rustic country look or a sleek and modern tile look, hallway runner rugs can give your hallway a stylish and unique look.

To determine the size of your runner, first, measure your hallway. Most runner rugs are two to three feet wide and six to fourteen feet long. When you choose a runner, make sure you leave a minimum of three to four inches of floor space on each side. It's best to place the runner rug in the middle of the hallway so there's plenty of room at the end. For more details, visit our guide on the best types of hallway rugs.

How To Choose Runner Rugs For Hallways

Runner rugs are a fantastic way to transform a dull hallway into a luxurious one. Runner rugs set the tone for the rest of the room, so it's important to choose one that suits the space's shape and design. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal hallway rug. Make sure to choose one that's the same length as the entire hall, but not too long or too short.

Runner Rugs Can Transform A Hallway From Drab To Fab

When choosing a runner rug for a hallway, it is important to match the style and decor of the adjacent rooms. Using bolder colors will draw attention to the hallway, while soft and muted tones will blend with the surrounding decor. A striped runner makes a long hallway feel longer. Geometric patterns will work best in homes that feature stark modernism, while floral patterns will go well in more traditional settings.

They Are A Reflection Of Your Home's Interior Design

Your hallway runner rugs set the tone of your interior design, so they need to be carefully chosen. Choose a neutral color for a calming effect or a rich, saturated color for a dramatic effect. A runner rug can set the tone and convey a specific message instantly. The right choice will make a statement and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

They Should Match The Shape Of The Hallway

The length of a hallway is a factor to consider in choosing a hall runner.t should also match the shape of the hallway. Choose a pattern that complements the color and style of the hallway. For example, a striped hallway runner will appear longer than a square one. To match the runner's shape to the hallway, it should be wide enough to accommodate both people and furniture without looking too busy.

What Should Be the Size Of Hallway Runner Rugs?

To buy the perfect Hallway Runner rug, you need to first determine the size of your hallway. The size of the hallway should be around 40 to 50 inches, but you can also go for a slightly shorter runner. If your hallway is longer than forty feet, you can choose a 32-inch-wide runner. Similarly, if your hallway is wider than forty feet, you should consider buying a 34-inch-wide runner.

A standard runner is between two and three feet wide and six to fourteen feet long. Make sure the size of the runner matches the shape of the hallway, and avoid extending into the next room. It should also be centered in the hallway so that it helps define the path down the hall. Ideally, you should leave four to six inches of floor space on all sides and never put the runner rug against the walls. 

Tips To Style A Hallway Runner Rug

If you're in the market for a new runner rug for your hallway, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. While it's not a necessity to have one in every room of your house, having a few runner rugs in a hallway can add some texture to the room. The first thing to remember is that you don't want your runner to look like wall-to-wall carpeting. Try to leave a few inches between your hallway rug and the furniture, and center it along the length of the hall.

Runner Rugs Can Be Used In Any Room

There are a few different factors to consider when choosing a runner rug for your hallway or stairway. First of all, it is important to pick a texture that matches the room's decor. Also, consider how much traffic that room receives. If it is a high-traffic area, you will want to buy a robust runner rug. A flat weave runner rug will be easier to clean.

They Can Be Placed In A Hallway

There are many different ways to use a hallway runner. Putting one in a long hallway makes the room appear wider. Consider placing a runner that runs parallel to the walls. The runner's border should draw the eye down the length of the rug. A good hallway runner should cover between half and three-quarters of the hallway's length. Select a runner with a graphic that draws the eye, and one that complements the existing decor.

They Are Rectangular

Whether you are decorating a small space, or a large one, hallway runner rugs are a great choice. They are the perfect way to soften hard surfaces and bring a pop of color and pattern to your home. Hallways are often the most heavily traveled areas of your home. Putting a rug in a hallway not only helps to make the space cozier, but also provides a soft surface for walking.

They Are Made Of Synthetic Fibers

While you can buy cheap synthetic rugs, keep in mind that they are not as durable as wool. They may not be easy to clean and may require a lint roller. Since they are not made of wool, you can't play with your kids on them and pets will probably make "accidents" on them. Whether you choose a synthetic or a natural fiber, the choice is yours.

They Should Be Able To Hold Up To Heavy Foot Traffic

The first thing to look for when choosing a hallway runner rug is durability. Hallways are the busiest rooms in the house. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting or hard-surface flooring, your hallway will receive heavy traffic. The pile in wall-to-wall carpet is often thinning over time. You can add a runner rug to this area to provide extra cushion and avoid dents in your hallway flooring.

Your hallway rugs must also be durable enough for your pet to nap on them. You can add bedsheets made of cotton or linen and make your pet comfortable there. 



When choosing a runner for your hallway, think about the bigger picture. Consider the color and style of your home. If your hallway has neutral walls, bright, light hues will brighten the area. If your hallway is more traditional, choose a neutral color and pair it with a neutral hallway runner. The trick to choosing a runner that complements the rest of your house is the coordination of colors and palettes.

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