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How to Decide the Right CBD Dosage for Dogs

  • Written by a Guest Writer

How much CBD should I use for my pet? Many dog owners ask this question when looking to use CBD for their canine companion. The truth is you can save yourself a great deal with a visit to the vet, as they could help you with the best products and information on how much to use. Understandably, it is normal that you are curious to know just how much of hemp oil is safe to use for dogs.


When it comes to deciding how much of a medication to use, there are several things you want to keep in mind. It helps if you have a CBD dosage chart for dogs to guide you on how best to treat. Whether you have one, you can check the section below for tips on deciding a safe dosage for your pet.


How Sick is your Dog?


It is a no brainer that a seriously ailing dog will require a more dedicated treatment than one suffering from a minor condition. So the first thing your vet will ask for is for likely symptoms your pet is exhibiting to make a diagnosis. It is common to find CBD pet products to treat pain and inflammation, anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders in both canines and felines.


When using hemp to treat cancer in dogs, you can expect that the medication will be consistent compared to when helping your pet recover from an injury.


How Old is Your Dog?


Another critical factor to consider when using meds on pets is the age of the animal. A young pup would not tolerate the same dosage as an older dog, so you want to determine the animal's tolerance levels.


Ideally, a veterinarian should carry out a test or help you arrive at the best form of treatment, depending on your pet's tolerance levels. You can find more on this website about introducing CBD to your pet. It would be best if you got in touch with a licensed vet before using cannabis for dogs.


How Much Does the Animal Weigh?


The weight of your pet will also determine how much CBD to use. Smaller breeds with little body fat would need less compared to an enormous cat with excess body fat. Most products come with measurements that allow you to administer CBD based on the weight in pounds or lbs. of your dog. So you want to know how much the animal weighs on the scale.

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