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Top 6 hamptons sideboards that can use your extra storage space

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A hamptons sideboard is a piece of furniture that provides extra space for storing items that are not currently in use. Example Hamptons Lamaison Sideboards are one of the best furniture pieces in any home at the bedside because these Hamptons sideboards can be used for many things. However, Every home needs an extra spot for storage, and there's no better option for this than a Hampton’s sideboard that can use your extra storage space.

If you're looking for your next piece of furniture, these top 10 Hamptons sideboards that you can use your extra storage space to fit your collection perfectly. But, first, you should know what Hamptons are and where they are most popular.

Where are the Hamptons Popular and Why?

The Hamptons is a resort town in the U.S. state of New York on Long Island. However, it is a popular summer destination, and the East End is the site of numerous well-known Hamptons' communities and summer colonies. Located within the Town of Southampton and the Town of East Hampton, the Hamptons consist of villages, unincorporated communities governed by the Town of Southampton and the Town of East Hampton.

What's a Hampton’s sideboard used for?

A hamptons sideboard, also referred to as a buffet table or sideboard, is a sideboard that serves as a stylish storage solution and display area. A hamptons sideboard usually features drawers for silverware, dishes, napkins, candelabra, and other dining necessities.

Hamptons style sideboard

Now, it's time to look out for the best Hamptons Style sideboards and their work, as well as what styles they come with the most popularity.

#1. Sir Thomas Sideboard

The Sir Thomas hamptons style Sideboard is the perfect balance between the present and the past; with its graceful style and fabulous lines, Sir Thomas is one you can't ignore.

#2 Classic Hamptons style sideboard

The Hamptons have been a place for the rich to get away from it all since the 1800s. But the Hamptons have been changing over the years. The classic look of the Hamptons has been around since the beginning. In the modern age, the classic look still has a place in the Hamptons.

The Hampton's Sideboard Style Classic Hamptons is an elegant and timeless piece of furniture. It features soft, warm tones and beautiful details. This hamptons sideboard is perfect for your living room.

#3 Luxe Hamptons Style Sideboard

The luxurious style hamptons sideboard is a touch more frilly than the classical tradition and is usually seen in new constructions—modern vibes with white furnishings in a gloss finish. Limestone finishes and a minimalist design with accessories can be used to create this effect. Consider a lot of whites with a few color accents and a clean aesthetic using metallic elements.

#4 Plantation Hamptons style sideboard

Plantation Hamptons is characterized by darker woods and decor and is reminiscent of the Caribbean or tropical residences. To get this style, use travel-inspired art and collectibles, as well as plenty of greenery, such as palm trees. Plantation Hamptons are created by combining plantation shutters with open areas.

#5 Coastal Hamptons style sideboard

Natural fibres such as jute, jute, and linens give the Coastal Hamptons a laid-back vibe. However, Whitewashed or white furniture is common. Coral, fish, and anchors serve as maritime elements.

#6 Hamptons style buffet sideboard

The Massive Hamptons style buffet sideboard is a product with a Coastal or Colonial design called Hampton buffet sideboard. However, the Coastal style is highlighted by blues, whites, and sandy neutrals, ideal for a beach or lake property. Moreover, sea life, Shells, coral, and nautical instruments are used to complete the look. You may choose the design Hamptons by your choice and colors too because these are available in wood, white, silver, etc.

Is there a difference between a hampton credenza and a hampton buffet style sideboard?

Credenzas and buffets are similar in terms of use and utility. The fundamental difference between a buffet and a credenza or sideboard is that buffets usually have longer legs and thus are higher.

What are buffet tables called?

A buffet is a Hampton sideboard put in the dining room, but it is known as a sideboard once it is relocated to the living room. Buffets are an excellent piece of beautiful dining added storage. Buffets are frequently used to store silverware, serving dishes, and linens.

How tall should a Hampton style buffet sideboard be?

Hampton Buffet tables and sideboards should be at least the same height as the dining table, if not a few inches higher. 30" - 36" is the most common height for the hamptons sideboards or hampton buffet tables.


Hampton Sideboards are a great way to add style and function to your dining room or kitchen. These Hampton Sideboards come in different styles and sizes to suit every requirement. Look out for the above article to check the Hamptons sideboard that can use your extra storage space to decorate your home and dining areas.

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