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One in four Australians actively avoid eating gluten and one in 70 Australians have coeliac disease. According to Coealic Australia, around 80% of these people suffer symptoms but don’t realise what the problem is.


Coeliac disease is a genetic autoimmune disorder in people who can't consume gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Their immune system’s response to gluten causes damage to the small intestine when the tiny, finger-like projections lining the bowel, called villi become inflamed and flattened. 


This reduces the available surface area of the bowel to absorb nutrients from food and left undiagnosed, can lead to health issues including infertility, exhaustion, anaemia, skin rashes, weight loss or gain, depression, osteoporosis, chronic ill health, bloating, diarrhea, flatulence and teeth problems.


Tim Grainger, Founder of Venerdi, has provided his five easy gluten food swaps below that coeliac and gluten-sensitive foodies can still enjoy, making it a piece of (gluten-free) cake.





Ditch the old white loaf of bread and go for a good quality gluten free loaf. Stand-outs include the Broken Black

Rice & Polenta Sourdough, Sweet Potato Sourdough, Hemp & Rosemary Sourdough Buns, Paleo Super Seeded and Keto Hemp & Linseed Bread. 



Swap refined wheat pasta for legume-based pasta. Legumes are a good source of fibre, b vitamins and protein. They are gluten-free, vegan, taste delicious and can be substituted in any pasta-based meal.



Everyone needs a good pizza base substitute if you’re eliminating gluten from your diet. Venerdi has a delicious

Fancier Sourdough Pizza Base that is free from gluten, dairy and soy as well as vegan friendly. 



Kale is a nutrient-rich vegetable and also a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin c. Kale chips are an easy way to introduce kale into the diet, and tastier than munching on plain leaves. Drizzle olive or coconut oil and sea salt over washed and dried kale pieces. Bake in the oven until crunchy.



Made from aged coconut tree sap, it’s a tasty alternative to soy sauce that’s packed with flavour. Ideal for salads, dressings, stir-fry, sushi, soups, or with rice and beans.


About Venerdi 

Established in 2002, Venerdi is changing the way we eat bread, creating a range of gluten-free breads, bagels, buns and pizza bases under the Venerdi, Paleo and Gluten Freedom brands. They are sold throughout independent health food stores nationwide and online at


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